Jesu Si


This song originally written by Dr Yinka a longtime ago and has been rendered by a host of singing ministries around Ilorin. It came back to life again to me years back when I was grinding myself all in the name of hustling. I could go on days without saying a word of prayer and weeks without reading a verse in the Bible. I was going to sink but some how God used this song to put me back on track.

I initially recorded with a friend. Kept it to myself. It was for my own consumption. February last year I recorded it again with Sampro but was not led to let it out till now. I have being rebuked, refreshed, restrained, reinvigorated, retrained by this great message.

Like the original writer -Dr Yinka -noted as Jesus asked His disciples :”do you love Me than these”?

produced by Sampro.

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